Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Desert Wine Guy - 2012 Red Autumn Chardonnay

   Hey everyone today I want to write a very short review on the 2012 Red Autumn Chardonnay.  I usually write a short review on a wine because the wine is bad and there really isn't much to say about it. This time however I am writing a short review on a wine that actually isn't that bad at all. While not what I would say is a "great" wine by any means, the 2012 Red Autumn Chardonnay is a fairly pleasant wine that I think you guys might enjoy while at the pool this Summer or sitting on the Porch in the Springtime which by the way will be here soon. This is a wine that I got from The Wine Of The Month Club about a year ago and had put away on a shelf and forgotten about since then. At the time I honestly wasn't much of a White Wine drinker but lately I have been developing a taste for it more and more. I came across this wine while going thru my wine racks in the Living Room the other day and decided that this wine was sitting around long enough and that it was time to give it a shot.  So lets go ahead and do our little review on this wine and see what there is to see.
   In the glass this wine appeared  a very nice Golden in color and displayed a very classy robust as it rested in my glass waiting to be tasted. I actually was rather impressed with the depth of color that this wine presented and was looking forward to it showing itself off some more.
   As for the Bouquet I felt that was rather nice as well. There were notes of Pear and Honeydew and one of my five year old actually commented after giving it a sniff that there was actually a note of Apple as well. By the way I agree with there being the note of Apple.On my Palette there were notes of Grapefruit and of grass which are both pleasant in taste and not overdone. There is a slight not of Honeysuckle in here as well that provided the only real hint of sweetness that I detected. The wine is slightly on the acidic and dry side as well which I feel might come from the slight Alcohol taste which was on the finish. This is a fairly mellow wine yet compact in its own way.  The notes that were tasted were fairly light and non offensive. There was more than enough flavor to be noticed but not enough for any one to stand out over another. So what do I think about this Chardonnay? Well lets start at the fact that this is a simple wine and doesn't pretend to be anything but. It is fairly dry and not a sweet or fruity wine. It is not a typical Chardonnay that would have that "buttery" note, that it definitely is lacking. Overall I must say that I did enjoy the wine and I think it would make a great Summer / pool wine. As for a good representation of it's varietal, I don't think it really lives up to that in any way. Would I drink the wine again? Yes, I would. It was a very pleasant wine to drink. It had bright notes in the sense of the Pear, Honeydew but overall it was a very mellow Chardonnay.
  On The Desert Wine Guy Rating Scale I give it a solid 83 points.

                                                                                                              The Desert Wine Guy 

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