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The Desert WIne Guy - Sanders Family Winery - Serenity White Table Wine Blend

Serenity White Table Wine

Today's review is on a small boutique wine that I did a tasting on while visiting The Sanders Family Winery in Pahrump Nevada. Sanders Winery is a very small winery but manages to put out 6 wine varietals including a Cabernet Sauvignon as well as a Merlot. They also have a Cream Sherry and a Port. The Sanders Family Winery is owned by Jack Sanders who came to the Nevada from Napa, California. Jack did a lot of consulting work in marketing for Robert Mondavi as well as as BV (Beaulieu Vineyard) and others. Jack was also instrumental in having the law NRS 597.240 (Nevada Revised Statute) passed that bans the selling of wine that is made “on premise” in Washoe and Clark County. Only counties with 100,000 or fewer residents can host a winery. This was done because a popular casino owner was looking into opening a Winery in Las Vegas and he admittedly didn't want it interfering with his Winery. The Winery itself grows Zinfandel & Petite Sirah. Today's wine review is on a wine blend that Jack himself put together. Today's wine is the "Serenity" White Table Wine. Let's go ahead and see what the story is on this wine.
    The wine being reviewed today is a semi fruity white wine blend that doesn't take itself to seriously and I don't believe is meant to be. This wine knows it's place in the pecking order of wines and is content where it is, not looking to be anything it's not. What exactly is it's place you might ask. That place is Barbeques, Picknik and parties of all kinds. The wine takes you back to those special times when the weather was hot and the smells of the plants, fruits and pool were all that mattered. It is a perfect, and I do mean perfect Spring / Summer wine. Just how perfect is it? Read on and you will find out.
   Let's start at the wine in the bottle. Looking at the wine while it rests in the bottle it is almost clear but does exhibit a slightly pinkish, slightly yellowish appearance in color and with the appearance also of a nectar. To the nose it is simply Pear. simple and plain in bouquet but please don't let that fool you this wine has so much more to offer. The appearance is really not an indicator as to what is inside so again, don't be fooled. In the glass the wine is a light golden in color. Placing the wine in your mouth allows the fruit to mix together and might surprise you as to the different fruits you will taste. Peach hits the palette first followed by Pear and a Nectarine or two thrown in for good measure. There was also a taste of something I couldn't put my finger on and it bothered me. I had to sit on this review because that aspect of the wine had to be in this review simply because it was such an important part of the wine. Well I finally figured out what I was looking for, Jasmine. There is nothing heavy or a certain flavor that takes over the wine but the Jasmine is well placed here. The wine is balanced, subtle but has a fruitfulness to it and at the same time and has has a softness to it that I appreciated and "hits the spot" when the heat of the Summer is present. The wine finishes on your palette with a hint of acidity but goes down very easily and is noticed only as a positive aspect to this blended wine. The wine is more on the mellow side and while it is fruit forward simply by its nature it is not what I would call sweet or sugary. Here you have a wine that simply shows all it's card at once as a White Wine should. The wine doesn't open to anything other than what it is which is a simple, very good, on the fruity side wine.

Sanders Family Winery

   Imagine. Here is what I imagine myself doing while drinking this wine. "Picture this if you will". The sun is setting on the beach. I am wearing a pair of soft, baggy White Linen, Ralph Lauren pants with the cuffs rolled up and a pair of Sandals (Ralph Lauren also)  on. A White Linen button down hanging loosely not tucked in of course. If the beach is not available I am wearing the same type of outfit with my feet hanging in the pool. I hope this gives a sense or feel of what this wine makes you want to do. This wine is all about relaxation, water and sun fun.
   In summary what we have here is a white wine blend from Jack Sanders and his Sanders Family Winery with Peach, Pear, Nectarine and to seal the deal we have Jasmine. Now there are many wines that have the combination of the first three but to have the Jasmine with that depth is rare and totally places this wine over the top. I normally don't like my wine cold or chilled but in this case it is a must. I would give it an hour in the fridge. I can imagine Jack just wondering thru the Vineyard one hot summer day and thinking this combination of a wine blend up then going into the winery and simply pouring different whites into a glass until he said "that is it, the perfect Summer wine". I'm sure there was a lot more to it but when you drink the wine those thoughts  popped into my mind. Go out before the Summer is over and try this wine. Find a Ralph Lauren store and a beach or a pool and live the Summer dream. 
   One last thing that I think will be of interest to those of you with kids and are worrying about bringing them to a Winery. I brought my two 4 year olds and Jack and his son welcomed them as he did my wife and I and as he welcomed everyone that came thru his Winery doors and that is like family. Yes this is a winery but Fruit Punch and Water were offered to my children and wife who doesn't drink. They were even invited to walk the Vineyards. Jack and his son treated my children as if they were adults who came to share the day with them. YES bring the kids. I also wanted to add one last thing. Jack and his sun were so open and willing to share their love of not just the wine they are making and selling but their love of the Vineyard as well. Jack took about a half hour to talk to me about my vines and actually looked at pictures of the vines and gave me tips on pruning and care for them. Jack actually drew diagrams for me on forming Cordons as well as other growing tips. Jack is a wealth of knowledge and is more that willing to share that knowledge.
   My rating on this wine is 92 points

Sanders Family Winery

                                                                                                                    The Desert Wine Guy

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